Tuesday, 21 August 2012

13/8/12 Burning The Fat

Usually, one of my favourite occupations is "chewing the fat;" i.e. having a good old chin wag, however, as I have recently been inspired by the super slim, toned, muscular athletes competing in the Olympic Games, I feel I must do better with my fitness regime, therefore, am now busy "burning the fat!"

This involved going for a mile long, non-stop run, which I am very proud of and which (according to my pedometer's calculations) informs me that I have burned off 1000 calories, the equivalent of a small pizza!

Excellent! I am very impressed with myself and forgive myself the naughty custard cream, which I inadvertently ate whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, post run.

Bubbles eyed me very suspiciously when I returned, sweating and panting from my exercise. In fact, she spent several minutes sniffing my legs then pulled a rather disgusted face, wrinkling her nose to show her teeh in a kind of "Ooh yuk" expression. Well I suppose sweat doesn't really smell very nice!

I am now to be restrained in all manner of food temptations! Bubbles is pleased with my new fitness plan, as it includes lots of delicious mackerel and tuna fish, which she is able to (sometimes) share!

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