Friday, 17 August 2012

5/8/12 Hiss

Bubbles is so pleased to have us back from our holidays, she has been sitting next to us constantly on the settee, or going off upstairs to fetch her favourite toy "Hiss" the snake, who she then presents to us in the most dramatic fashion by dragging him down the stairs in her mouth whilst still managing to "Miaow" at the top of her voice!

It is always an honour when Hiss is presented to us, as Bubbles does not hunt mice, therefore, this seems to be her special present to us, in the same way outdoor cats bring mice to their owners (I would MUCH rather be presented with a furry toy snake than an actual partly decapitated mouse!)

At first, I thought she brought Hiss to us, as she wanted us to play a game with her (dangling Hiss for her to pounce and catch him), however, on depositing the snake at our feet, she then lies down, quite content and totally ignores any attempt to play a game!

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