Saturday, 7 December 2013

5/12/13 Wild & Windy Weather!

This morning dawned with a spectacularly glowing orange sunrise; stunning against the bluey tinge of the fading dark night sky. Apart from gazing in awe at the beautiful sunrise, I thought nothing of the weather, which seemed typically damp and cold. Bubbles, meanwhile had been sitting on the windowsill admiring the sunrise with me. Or so I like to think! More likely, she was scouring the fields behind for any sign of tasty rodents scampering in the grass!

As I breakfasted and got ready for the day, Bubbles could be heard thundering around the house. She was running up and down the stairs, through the lounge and, skidding in a big circle, I could see her revving herself up to charge off on another mad circuit again! Her ears were pinned back and her tail was held high; all puffed up like a fox's brush! I wondered what on earth had made her feel so excited! I decided she had probably been playing with one of her toys and got over excited while chasing it and batting it round the house!

I needed to pop out a little while later and having brushed and styled my hair, put my coat and boots on and grabbed my keys, I was ready to leave the house. What a struggle....

....opening the front door was like wrestling against a giant force of nature; pushing me back and not letting me out! When I did finally force the door open I stepped outside, turned to close it and had to lean back with all my might to slam the door shut, all the time battling against the aggressive, raging wind, which felt as though it had almost torn my hair right off my head! I could feel it standing straight up, vertically, on top of my head!


I jumped into the car and for the first time really noticed the chaos being created by the wind. Wheelie bins had left their sentry posts and were free wheeling on their sides down the road like ferocious plastic missiles. Piles of brown leaves were swirling in upward circular movements and I could feel the car being buffeted and lifted, almost as if a giant's hand was underneath, trying to clasp and lift it up into the air.


They do say children and animals react to windy weather and that it makes them wild and crazy! Bubbles has been proof of that today, with her wild circuits around the house!

Having later watched TV reports of areas around the UK, I feel we were lucky to receive just a battering of the wheelie bins and a few plants ripped out of their pots! Other areas have had severe flash flooding and high sea levels, which have cascaded over the sea defence walls in places such as Blackpool in the West.  Eastern seaside areas have also been badly affected.

Please watch this video clip to see just how scary the weather has been:

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