Sunday, 10 November 2013

November 2013 The Lake District

We decided to go for a few days Autumnal holiday in the Lake District, as the Lakes are so beautiful at this time of year, with stunning scenery and a sea of brown, red, orange and gold leaves on the trees. We had booked a cosy lodge on a tranquil park overlooking a mini lake, with graceful swans and tribes of quacking ducks marching past our window every morning. Bubbles accompanied us and travelled beautifully in the car, curling up on her cosy bed in her secure travelling cage.

On arrival, we "ooohed" and "aaahed" at the lodge's lovely location and nice furnishings. Bubbles felt quite at home, which she demonstrated by doing happy, chirrupy forward rolls on the carpet!

She got a bit confused about how long we would be staying for and decided to pack herself.... just incase we should somehow forget to pack her!

But soon she settled happily and was discovered sitting up on the large, comfy bed, where she could command an excellent view of the local wildlife (mainly tweety birds and marching ducks). An ideal view for a curious cat

The weather was pretty mixed, with some torrential downpours and high winds but we were able to enjoy a refreshing walk at Arnside, where the winds had kindly stilled for us and the sun shone brightly, before finally disappearing into the sea in a truly magical sunset

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