Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31/12/13 A Very Merry Christmas To You!

Well here's to a very Merry Christmas to you all! The Christmas season has been and gone in a flash. We have had a quiet but lovely, relaxing Christmas with my Mum; mainly involving copious amounts of eating! Bubbles has had a really fun festive season and has received some very exciting presents from us and her animal friends. Her absolute FAVOURITE is her new crinkle pad, which she loves to roll on the floor with, kicking and cuddling with a very daft look about her.


She has enjoyed lightly patting the baubles on the Christmas tree and one evening, had a most excellent game of football with an escapee bauble!

My friend Helen made a very interesting discovery in her Christmas tree.... her young kitten Echo had decided the mountainous tree needed much further investigation and was caught posing in the branches, as a new and very cute, furry decoration!

We come to the end of the year with some rather full tummies and lots of lovely memories to look back on and be thankful for,

As always, a great big thank you for taking the time to read my humble Blog! I hope you have all had a wonderful, happy Christmas. See you next year!

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