Friday, 23 August 2013

30/6/13 Anglesey

"WOW!" We could almost imagine Bubbles' exclamation as she looked out of the window to see the sea for the very first time....

....Arriving in darkness the night before, we had bundled Bubbles quickly out of her large travelling cage, straight into the holiday flat we would be staying in overlooking the pretty little beach and harbour. The next morning, I awoke bright and early, flung open the curtains to reveal a magnificent, breath stopping view. Bubbles clambered eagerly up onto the windowsill to survey her new surroundings and as she saw the sea she. just. stopped. Stopped and stared.

Suddenly, a swooping seagull caught her eye, as it circled with the air currrents right outside our bedroom window. Bubbles' head moved this way and that; her eyes gleaming like huge, yellow moons in the early morning light; following the erratic, yet graceful movements of the gull.

Eventually, after watching the sea for some time she jumped down from the windowsill, stretched, yawned, then with an enormous, lightfooted leap she launched herself onto the bedroom cupboard, landed neatly next to a container of her favourite treats and looked at me; head cocked expectantly to one side!

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