Thursday, 1 August 2013

23/6/13 Garden Helper

The good weather has continued to appear, on and off, so on the on days Bubbles and I have been making the most of the garden and sunshine! A bit of mowing and tree pruning have been required; as well as the never ending task of pulling up dandelion weeds. (Where DO they all come from?) It's as if we clear the garden, go to bed, then during the night the Danelion Aliens land on planet Earth with their evil plans to conqueor the world!

Bubbles just ignores the dandelions as they sway and swirl their vivid yellow, sunshine petals. Instead she hunts out mini spiders from the webs spun between the pot plants or toys with a spindly leg as it pokes out from a crevice in the garden wall.

She also loves jumping up to try to catch the pretty, white butterflies that frequent our garden; rising up like delicate helicopters from the lush cushion of the garden grass, with Bubbles leaping up like a ballerina, straight into the air, her paws clasping at the nimble creatures that always make their fluttery escape high into the air to be carried safely away on the summer breeze.


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