Sunday, 24 March 2013

24/3/13 Readers' Cats' Antics: Amber The Urgent Tunneler

This week, I thought I would do something slightly different on "My Diary of a Cat Owner." I decided to make this week's post all about the antics of our readers' cats!

Bubbles was very intrigued when nosing over my shoulder to read about the kind of mischief other moggies get up to, although I'm not sure she really needs any encouragement or naughty new ideas to try out....

Only last night she "hid" from me in the lounge at bedtime, to be discovered lurking shiftily behind the closed curtains. On trying to re - open the curtains to retrieve the reluctant pussy cat this turned into a (rather violent) game with me on the receiving end as usual! It resulted in a small claw hole in the curtain fabric and a rather painful slash to the finger (mine!)

One of our reader's sent in this lovely picture of her six year old cat, Amber:

Amber is certainly a resourceful, determined cat as we can see from her owner, Veronica's, most amusing anecdote:

"One morning I was having my shower with the bathroom door locked. Amber obviously decided that she needed to see me immediately. She tried to tunnel under the bathroom door and, in so doing, pulled the landing carpet up. I could hear all these strange noises while I was showering and knew she was up to something. However I chose to ignore her.  

Well,when I came to open the bathroom door it jammed fast against the torn up carpet. I had to push and shove so hard to get out of the bathroom that I almost needed to have another shower afterwards. It took about 10 minutes and a big heave-ho to get free. I really thought I wouldn't make it to work. Imagine having to tell your boss that you couldn't get in 'cos the cat locked you in the bathroom!"

Apparently Amber was so put out when her urgency to see her owner was ignored, that when Veronica finally managed to free herself from the bathroom the mischievous moggy was nowhere to be seen!

Thank you very much to Veronica and Amber for entertaining us this week with their funny story and lovely picture of Amber the cat.

If any more readers would like their fabulous feline mentioned in next week's blog entry, please email me at with details and pictures!

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