Saturday, 9 March 2013

3/3/13 War of The Worlds

We have been experiencing the most bizarre and unnerving noise in our household....

It all started when the next door neighbour went away for the weekend and we were left with the most terribly loud droning noise coming through the wall. It sounded like the other worldly machines from the film "War of the Worlds". This was a most unpleasant experience as it lasted constantly for about two days (and I'm talking both night and day!)

Sleep was an impossible luxury for any normal hearing human, however, Bubbles the cat slept soundly without a care in the world whilst I flung myself around the bed, wild haired and slightly delirious from sleep deprivation - with a pillow rammed over my head and ears.

When the neighbour eventually returned we pounced on him immediately; demanding to know what on earth (or other world) had been occurring!

Turned out the neighbour had left a tap running which led to these most hideous noises as the water pipes creaked, moaned and groaned!

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