Sunday, 17 March 2013

17/3/13 Spring Into Spring

I wonder who had spotted my (not so) deliberate mistake which I have since corrected from my previous post. I had dated it as 10/3/12, erm that was like.... LAST year! Mistake humbly corrected, I feel I can now show my face again in the blogging world by adding this week's update!

This week has been particularly cold, with flurries of snow throughout the United Kingdom. We were personally lucky to not have been adversely affected by the extreme weather.

With only a fortnight now until Easter Sunday my thoughts have turned to Spring.... Spring Daffodils, Spring Lambs and the idea of (hopefully) some slightly warmer weather!

Today, whilst my other half was unpacking the grocery shopping with bags strewn all across the hall floor, Bubbles was acting rather like a Spring Lamb; leaping and bounding all around, right over the tops of the shopping bags! She reminds me of a tiny black horse when she is in one of her crazy leaping moods; running then jumping over objects with her tail all bushy like a little pony!

This made me think.... I wonder whether a specific "Cat Gymkhana" has ever been invented? I had a look on the internet to see whether I could find anything. I came up with this rather reluctant kitty having a try:

I think, if I were to set up a cat obstacle course for Bubbles, she would be a bit more energetic and enthusiastic about it! I have never tried it as I think Bubbles prefers inventing her own jumping games.

Have any readers cats shown an aptitude for athletics? If so.... please feel free to leave a comment to share your cat's sporting talents with us all!

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