Sunday, 6 January 2013

6/1/13 Happy New Year! Balloons

Happy New Year everybody!

We performed the annual Christmas decorations taking down ceremony (well we dismantled the tree, untangled the lights, took down the tinsel etc) during which my other half was dangerously close to electrocution as he inadvertently dangled the still plugged in Christmas tree lights alarmingly close to Bubbles' full water bowl!

Bubbles was fast asleep upstairs; blissfully unaware of the shenanigans occurring in the living room. After her evening nap she came down to see us, marching boldly through the door then FREEZING as she surveyed the landscape. "What? No tree?" she seemed to say, giving a nod in the ex direction of the Christmas tree. Then her eyes narrowed to slits as she noticed the remaining balloons, no longer tied up safely in the corners of the room but floating freely about the floor.

Surprisingly, Bubbles marched straight up to one. Now, readers of previous posts will understand this is a very unusual phenomenon because Bubbles is not at all keen on balloons! She walked, or rather, bravely marched past it, lay down on the wooden floor and watched it float stealthily around. A few moments later, deciding there really was nothing to this balloon lark after all, she got up, walked towards the balloon and tried.... to take a bite!

"Bubbles! No!" I shrieked, moving considerably faster off the settee than I had for weeks (owing to my excessive Christmas food consumption.) Bubbles looked shocked at my outburst and backed away from the balloon. My other half and I looked at each other, grabbed the balloons and shoved them behind the settee. Bubbles looked impressed. Now the lounge was, finally, a balloon free zone!

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