Sunday, 13 January 2013

13/1/13 Pinetrees

I decided to write this week's Blog post as a tribute to all the cats who lost their lives in the devastating fire at Pinetrees cattery, Staffordshire and to all their owners who must be going through the most unimaginable grief.

I am probably not the only cat lover who cried when reading one of the many articles reporting this devastating event and I feel also for the poor cattery owners who have not only dealt with the aftermath, the responsibility of telling the owners but also the grief of losing some of their own animals.

As a cat owner, I personally agonised over the "should I / shouldn't I" dilemma of whether to send Bubbles to a cattery or not during our holidays. Deciding eventually on the option of boarding her at a cattery as a preference to leaving her at home because I felt she would value the companionship of other animals and people, I knew people would constantly be around during the day to check on her to make sure there were no problems and predominantly I believed she would be safe.

My heart goes out to every owner who boarded their cat believing them to be safe then returned to this terrible tragedy.

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