Thursday, 22 September 2016

22/9/16 Summer Celebrations

Today is a day of celebrations as we have had our lovely Bubbles cat for exactly ten years! She came to us on 22/9/06 as a TINY nine week old kitten who just fitted across the palm of my hand! Since then she has grown into a beautiful, confident cat with the brightest yellow eyes imaginable. She lights up our lives every day with her love, affection & funny, clever, cat ways!

Many apologies to our regular readers for the big gap in between posts this year. I last updated My Diary of a Cat Owner in the Spring & since then Summer has been splendidly sunny - with temperatures on many days rivalling hotter climes. We have spent days adventuring out on bike rides, sunny walks, gardening & have had a wonderful holiday this year in Majorca to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. As usual, Bubbles was unimpressed with her holiday to the cattery. This year no blood was drawn but we were still mortified about last year's shambolic departure when we saw the cattery lady this Summer! All seems to have been forgiven though as Bubbles was welcomed back once more. This year she was just described as being "a bit hissy!"

We have now seemingly fallen into Autumn with cooler mornings & it is, in fact, the autumnal equinox today. Green grasses and brackens are fast turning into browns, oranges & purple heathers in the natural landscape. But our garden is still alive with the sights of Summer - with Sunflowers, Roses, Petunias & Geraniums, as well as the final few Sweet Peas flowering vibrantly against the whitewashed garden wall.

Most arachnophobes will recognise that the fall of Autumn brings with it the arrival of the dreaded arachnids. Bubbles is fascinated by these strangely scuttling eight legged creatures & chooses to do the "spider dance" around them - whilst I shriek & look for kitchen containers to capture them in - ready for my husband to release outside when I am safely out of the way!

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