Thursday, 5 May 2016

May 2016 Spring Warmth

It seems finally, after many months of cold, dark days and nights, the winter has been able to at last give way to new life in a late Spring season.

Finally the trees are beginning to turn green and my first geranium bud of the year has opened in merriment to celebrate the warmth of the sun at last - after weeks of almost trying - yet - not quite daring to brave the chilly days and icy nights. The geranium in question was a final gift from my Dad last summer when he gave us a bright trio of red, pink and white geranium plants for our hanging baskets. It feels somewhat poignant to know it too has braved the awful harshness of last winter and somehow has managed to stumble into Spring - finally emerging - fragile and scared - tentative and small but trying its best to survive and carry on living.

It is nice to see pretty plant life appearing in the garden and birds feeding at the feeders; squirrels scurrying up and down trees. I think the multitude of unwelcome yellow headed dandelion weeds bobbing brightly in the untended borders - bringing a splash of colour and no doubt hard labour - is a welcome sight so much preferable to the harsh deadness of the winter we have fought.

Salad vegetable seeds have sprouted tiny green shoots - well hidden under netting from the watchful eyes of the greedy garden pigeons. Warm sun on skin is uplifting as is the act of throwing off the shroud of winter hoodies and coats. An act that has felt unimaginable over the winter months.

Bubbles constantly follows the sun around the house - seeking warm sunbathing spots on cosy cushions, a sunny windowsill to sit watching the garden wildlife flourish and her favourite - a comfy upholstered dressing table stool.... ....Well it's even suitable for admiring her own appearance in the mirror! She basks with the early morning sun shining on her warm fur - revealing the beautiful red undertones of her black coat that glisten and shine. Her coat looks bushy and full as she starts to shed her winter coat to a lighter spring jacket and is pleased it is becoming "garden weather" at last.

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