Saturday, 15 August 2015

July 2015 Our Biggest Adventure

Bubbles, and us, have now embarked on our biggest ever adventure! On 24th July, my fiance and I took the wonderful, exciting new step of getting married. So he is now.... my husband!

Bubbles knew something amazing was about to unfold, as she could sense the excitement, anticipation and emotion in the air. Wedding favours and bits and bobs were piled high in the lounge, where, Bubbles took to prowling like a lioness in a sea of yellow. Large bags arrived containing suits and were hung from bedroom doors, dangling daringly; requiring serious inquisitive investigation.

Bubbles' sharp nosed sniffed out all manner of exciting wedding treats and cards that kept arriving were all in need of a serious sniff. Just about every shelf space, window sill and even parts of the floor became full but Bubbles was so careful not to knock anything over as she tiptoed carefully amid her nostril enquiries.

Before we knew it, the day before the wedding dawned. My bridesmaids and I went off for our pre-wedding manicures and my husband to be visited the barber shop. Then five o' clock came round and it was time for Bubbles to embark on her holiday to the cattery. Our wedding was to be followed by a honeymoon abroad so we knew the best place for Bubbles would be to have her own little holiday at the cattery where she would have lots of company, fuss and always something interesting to watch - from the birds hopping about on the cattery lawns to the free roaming hens and their henhouse - all in perfect view of the cats holidaying there.

Bubbles was, shall we say, significantly UNIMPRESSED when her red cat carrier came out of the spare room. She did everything in her devilish powers to avoid capture - including hiding under the bed, hissing and snarling if we came within a metre of her and eventually hiding in her "den" under the spare bedroom chair. This proved a superb outcome for us as we were able to coax her forward into said carrier, but not before a substantial amount of sweating had been done - by us, along with persuasion techniques to rival any hostage negotiator.

Once at the cattery, Bubbles bounded out of her cat carrier and leapt high onto a shelf where she peeped cheekily through her hatchway window. She miaowed at the cat in the pen next door, who eyed her with interest - a beautiful boy cat with whom Bubbles no doubt cheekily flirted for the entire two weeks, then she pushed her fleece bed from home, off the shelf and settled underneath it - a sign that she repeats on every cattery visit - that she was trying to settle in and needed a bit of peace and quiet.

After the most beautiful wedding day we could have dreamed of, and a fantastic, exciting, hot, relaxing, romantic honeymoon abroad, we returned to the cattery where Bubbles greeted us with large yellow saucer eyes, a puffed up tail and the biggest "Miaow" we have ever heard!

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